Bitter melon peptide

Bitter melon peptide

Short Description:

This product is made from bitter melon seed powder, and uses high-activity bitter melon peptide which is enzymatically digested by bio-directed digestion technology.

Product Details

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Appearance index

Item Quality requirements Detection method
Color Yellow or light yellow    Q/WTTH 0003S 

Item 4.1

 Taste and smell With the unique taste and smell of this product, no odor, no smell
Impurity No normal vision visible foreign objects
 Character Loose powder, no agglomeration, no moisture absorption

Physicochemical index

Index Unit Limit Detection method
Protein (on dry basis) % 75.0 GB 5009.5
Oligopeptide (on dry basis) % 60.0 GB/T 22729 Appendix B
Proportion of relative molecularmass ≤1000D  %    80.0  GB/T 22492 Appendix A
Ash (on dry basis) % 8.0 GB 5009.4
Moisture % 7.0 GB 5009.3
Lead (Pb) mg/kg 0.19 GB 5009.12
Total mercury (Hg) mg/kg 0.04 GB 5009.17
Cadmium(Cd) mg/kg 0.4 GB/T 5009.15
BHC mg/kg 0.1 GB/T 5009.19
DDT mg/kg 0.1 GB 5009.19

Microbial index

  Index   Unit Sampling scheme and limit (if not specified, expressed in/25g)  Detection method



m M
Salmonella -



0 - GB 4789.4
Total aerobic bacterial count CFU/g

30000 GB 4789.2
Coliform MPN/g

0.3 GB 4789.3
Mould CFU/g

25 GB 4789.15
Yeast CFU/g

25 GB 4789.15
Remarks:n is the number of samples that should be collected for the same batch of products; c is the maximum number of samples allowed to exceed m value;m is a limit value for the acceptable level of microbial indicators;

Nutrition ingredient list

Nutrition ingredient list of albumin peptide powder

Item Per 100 grams (g) Nutrient reference value (%)
Energy 1530kJ 18
Protein 75.0g 125
Fat 0g 0
Carbohydrate 15.0g 5
Sodium 854mg 43


Clinical nutritional therapy 

high quality protein source in preoperative and postoperative clinical diet

Healthy food

prevention of gastrointestinal dysfunction and chronic disease

Nutritional supplements

children and seniors with low immunity



Flow Chart For Bitter Melon Peptide Production

flow chart


with pallet: 

10kg/bag, poly bag inner, kraft bag outer;

28bags/pallet, 280kgs/pallet,

2800kgs/20ft container, 10pallets/20ft container,

without Pallet: 

10kg/bag, poly bag inner, kraft bag outer;

4500kgs/20ft container


Transport & Storage


The means of transportation must be clean, hygienic, free of odor and pollution;

The transportation must be protected from rain, moisture, and exposure to sunlight.

It is strictly forbidden to mix and transport with toxic, harmful, peculiar smell, and easily polluted items.

Storage condition

The product should be stored in a clean, ventilated, moisture-proof, rodent-proof, and odor-free warehouse.

There should be a certain gap when food is stored, the partition wall should be off the ground,

It is strictly forbidden to mix with toxic, harmful, odorous, or pollutant items.

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