fish gelatin

fish gelatin

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Fish Gelatin is a protein product produced by partial hydrolysis of collagen rich fish skin (or) scale material. The Gelatin molecule is made up of Amino Acids joined together by Amide Linkages in a long molecular chain. These Amino Acids perform an imperative function in the building of connective tissue in humans. because of the different characteristics of fish gelatin relative to bovine skin or bovine bone gelatin, fish gelatin application was more and more research and attention.

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Fish Gelatin

Bloom Strength: 200-250bloom

Mesh: 8–40mesh

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Health Care Products


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Meat Product


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Fish Gelatin

Physical and Chemical Items
Jelly Strength                                       Bloom     200-250Bloom
Viscosity (6.67%  60°C) mpa.s 3.5-4.0
Viscosity Breakdown           % ≤10.0
Moisture                             % ≤14.0
Transparency  mm ≥450
Transmittance        450nm      % ≥30
                             620nm      % ≥50
Ash                                    % ≤2.0
Sulfur Dioxide             mg/kg ≤30
Hydrogen Peroxide          mg/kg ≤10
Water Insoluble           % ≤0.2
Heavy Mental                 mg/kg ≤1.5
Arsenic                         mg/kg ≤1.0
Chromium                      mg/kg ≤2.0
 Microbial Items
Total Bacteria Count      CFU/g ≤10000
E.Coli                           MPN/g ≤3.0
Salmonella   Negative

Flow Chart For Fish Gelatin


Mainly in 25kgs/bag.

1. One poly bag inner, two woven bags outer.

2. One Poly bag inner, Kraft bag outer.                      

3. According to customer’s requirement.

Loading Ability:

1. with pallet: 12Mts for 20ft Container, 24Mts for 40Ft Container

2. without Pallet:  8-15Mesh Gelatin: 17Mts

More than 20Mesh Gelatin: 20 Mts 



Keep in a tightly closed container, stored in a cool, dry, ventilated area.

Keep in GMP clean area, well-controlled the relatively humidity within 45-65%, the temperature within 10-20°C. Reasonable adjust the temperature and moisture inside the storeroom by adjusting Ventilation, cooling and dehumidification facilities.

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