Industrial Gelatin

Industrial Gelatin

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What is technical gelatin/hide glue?

Industrial Technical Gelatin is a protein derived from the hydrolysis of collagen which is a protein constituent of animal hides, collagen tissue. It is light yellow granule, a fine mesh granular glue that is easy to dissolve in water. The raw materials used for the production are derived from animals skin or bone. Industrial Gelatin is often used for making paintballs, fodder, quality abrasive paper of gauze, polished cloth, black glue, rubber packing, handicraft adhesive card, wooden furniture, data plate sign, light at leather, can dye and knit sizing, smelting and plating the liquid, making up styling gel. Its viscosity is very important, even acts as the crucial parameter.


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Industrial Grade Gelatin 

Physical and Chemical Items
Jelly Strength                                       Bloom     50-250Bloom
Viscosity (6.67%  60°C) mpa.s 2.5-5.5
Moisture                             % ≤14.0
Ash                                    % ≤2.5
PH % 5.5-7.0
Water Insoluble           % ≤0.2
Heavy Mental                 mg/kg ≤50

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Product Description

 INDUSTRIAL GELATIN is light yellow, brown or dark brown grain, which can pass the 4mm aperture standard sieve.

 It is a translucent, brittle (when dry), nearly tasteless solid substance, derived from the collagen inside animals” skin and bones.

 It’s an important chemical raw materials. It is commonly used as a gelling agent.

 According to incomplete statistics, industrial gelatin different applications due to its performance, in more than 40 industries, over 1000 kinds of products are applied.

 It is widely used in adhesive, jelly glue, match, paintball, plating liquid, painting, sandpaper, cosmetic, wood adhesion, book adhesion, dial and silk screen agent, etc.



Gelatin is used almost universally as the binder for the complex mixture of chemicals used to form the head of a match. The surface activity properties of gelatin are important since the foam characteristics of the match head influence the performance of the match on ignition

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Paper Manufacture

Gelatin is used for surface sizing and for coating papers. Either used alone or with other adhesive materials, the gelatin coating creates a smooth surface by filling up the small surface imperfections thereby ensuring improved printing reproduction. Examples include posters, playing cards, wallpaper, and glossy magazine pages.

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Coated Abrasives

Gelatin is used as the binder between the paper substance and the abrasive particles of sandpaper. During manufacture the paper backing is first coated with a concentrated gelatin solution and then dusted with abrasive grit of the required particle size. Abrasive wheels, disks and belts are similarly prepared. Oven drying and a cross-linking treatment complete the process.

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Over the past few decades gelatin-based adhesives have slowly been replaced by a variety of synthetics. Recently, however, the natural biodegradability of gelatin adhesives is being realized. Today, gelatin is the adhesive of choice in telephone book binding and corrugated cardboard sealing.

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25kgs/bag, one poly bag inner, woven / kraft bag outer.

1) With pallet: 12 metric tons / 20 feet container, 24 metric tons / 40 feet container

2) Without pallet:

for 8-15 mesh, 17 metric tons / 20 feet container, 24 metric tons / 40 feet container

More than 20 mesh, 20 metric tons / 20 feet container, 24 metric tons / 40 feet container



Storage in warehouse: Well-controlled the relatively humidity within 45%-65%, the temperature within 10-20℃

Load in container: Keep in a tightly closed container, stored in a cool, dry, ventilated area.

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