Pharmaceutical Grade Gelatin

Pharmaceutical Grade Gelatin

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Pharmaceutical Grade Gelatin

Gelatin has demonstrated its versatility in applications for the pharmaceutical industry and medicine. It’s used to make the shells of hard and soft capsules, tablets, granulation, suppositories substitute for medicines, dietary/health supplements, syrups and so on. It is highly digestible and serves as a natural protective coating for medicines. Owing to the growing health awareness and an increasing demand for health products, there is high requirement for the safety for gelatin of and strong requirement for the production process. That’s what we always keep and improve.


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Pharmaceutical Gelatin

Physical and Chemical Items
Jelly Strength                                       Bloom     150-260Bloom
Viscosity (6.67%  60°C) mpa.s ≥2.5
Viscosity Breakdown           % ≤10.0
Moisture                             % ≤14.0
Transparency  mm ≥500
Transmittance        450nm      % ≥50
                             620nm      % ≥70
Ash                                    % ≤2.0
Sulfur Dioxide             mg/kg ≤30
Hydrogen Peroxide          mg/kg ≤10
Water Insoluble           % ≤0.2
Heavy Mental                 mg/kg ≤1.5
Arsenic                         mg/kg ≤1.0
Chromium                      mg/kg ≤2.0
 Microbial Items
Total Bacteria Count      CFU/g ≤1000
E.Coli                           MPN/g Negative
Salmonella   Negative

Flow Chart For Gelatin Production


Soft Capsules

Gelatin applies its pharmaceutical methodology to all gelatin used for soft gelatin capsules, whether they are for pharmaceutical, nutritional, cosmetics or paint-ball use. We consider there application equally demanding and carefully select out gelatin to provides a consistent repeat ability.

Gelatin R&D Center has been studying the gelatin application in soft capsule for many years and has obtained significant experience and problem solving solutions, especially in preventing interactions with any of the active ingredients, prevent the effects of aging, hardening and leaks.

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Hard Capsules

In the hard capsules, gelatin provides a strong and flexible file for tamper-evident form. These gelatin has been developed to meet stringent parameters.

Besides luminous appearance, the shelf-life of our products is the longest in China; there is no need to add any preservative by our customer if Yasin Gelatin is used under GMP manufacturing environment.

Yasin Gelatin meet quality standard in force and particularly pharmaceutical requirements such as those defined by the USP, EP or JP.

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In tablets, Gelatin is a natural binding, coating and disintegration agent that meets the requirements of those consumers concerned about the use of chemically modified ingredients. If gives tablets lustrous appearance and a pleasant mouth feel.

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Mainly in 25kgs/bag.

1. One poly bag inner, two woven bags outer.

2. One Poly bag inner, Kraft bag outer.                     

3. According to customer’s requirement.

Loading Ability:

1. with pallet: 12Mts for 20ft Container, 24Mts for 40Ft Container

2. without Pallet:  8-15Mesh Gelatin: 17Mts 

More than 20Mesh Gelatin: 20 Mts 


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