Chicken Type 2 Undenatured Collagen

Chicken Type 2 Undenatured Collagen

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Type 2 nondenatured chicken collagen, is a revolutionary product that is different from traditional hydrolyzed collagen. Our low-temperature extraction process retains the maximum activity of the chicken protein, ensuring easy absorption. Our collagen has therapeutic properties for arthritis, osteoporosis, and osteonecrosis of the femoral head, promoting cartilage growth and repair. Experience the difference and prioritize joint health with our unique formula.

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Type 2 Undenatured Collagen VS Hydrolyzed Type II Collagen

  Type 2 Undenatured Collagen Hydrolyzed Type II Collagen
Manufacturing Technique Low temperature patented extraction technology Traditional enzymatic hydrolysis technology
Molecular Structure The structure of the three helical strands is complete
Good activity and absorption
The three-strand helical structure is hydrolyzed
Water Solubility  Semiaqueous solution Completely water-soluble
Product Efficacy Promotes the growth, repair, and regeneration of cartilage and tissue Nutritional supplement for bones

Yasin, the Leading Chicken Type 2 Undenatured Collagen Manufacturer

Patented Technology: Cutting-edge low-temperature extraction technology, the complete triple-stranded helical molecular structure of chicken collagen is retained. This innovative process ensures our products are highly active, delivering superior benefits for skin health, joint support and anti-aging properties. Unleash the full potential of collagen with our advanced formula.

Crystallization Method: with dramatic therapeutic results for arthritis, osteoporosis and osteonecrosis of the femoral head. However, its most significant benefit is its ability to promote cartilage repair and regeneration, revolutionizing treatment options for joint health. Experience the power of clear innovation.

Certification: HACCP, HALAL, IS022000

undenatured Chicken collagen type 2


Osteoporosis: can effectively increase bone density, improve bone strength and flexibility, with adsorption, bonding calcium ions deposited in bone biochemical characteristics, promote bone formation and growth, metabolic repair, and reconstruction, efficient and safe to solve the loss of bone, prevention and treatment of osteoporosis.
Osteoarthritis: Promote the repair and regeneration of cartilage and ligament tissues, lubricate joints, eliminate bone spurs, absorb edema, and effectively and safely prevent and treat all kinds of arthritis (including lumbar disc herniation).

Femoral head necrosis: In the necrotic tissue, it can quickly form new blood vessel buds and grow new blood vessels, rebuild and form nutrient transport pipelines, improve the blood circulation of the necrotic injury site and the surrounding tissue, gradually form and restore the blood supply of necrotic tissue, and complete the bone waste removal of necrotic tissue and the growth of new bone tissue through bone resorption and bone reconstruction.


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  • Eco-friendly Jelly Glue
    Item # Type Open Time Adhesive Speed Suitable for Solid Content
    YS-310 Low-speed Drying Glue 5-10 Minute 1 Minute Manual Operation 66±1
    YS-315 Low-speed Drying Glue 3-5 M 30-60S Manual Operation 65±1
    YS-528 Super Glue for Specialty Paper  3-5 M 30-60S Manual Operation 65±1
    YS-816 Medium-speed Drying Glue 1-2 M 15-20S automatic machine
    semi-automatic machine
    YS-820 High-speed Drying Glue 1M 10-15S automatic machine
    semi-automatic machine
    YS-825 High-speed Drying Glue 1M 10S automatic machine
    semi-automatic machine
    Please take precautions of working temp. in extreme climate conditions as either the viscosity may differ due to ambience temperature.  Add water according to the usage and substrate.

    Flow Chart For Jelly Glue

    flow chart

    Luxury packaging: presentation packaging, boxes and cases (for gift, jewelry, cutlery, sliver and glassware, leather and luxury shoes, cosmetics, wine and spirits) displays, fancy sweet-boxes, board-games, book-cases paper industry.

    Bookbinding: photo albums, calendars, diaries, book-covers, files, poster, displays binders, sample books, paper-cover board items.


    Product Benefits:

     Odorless. Excellent adhesiveness, good fluidity, fast drying 

     Non-hazardous and non-toxic, eco-friendly products

     Environmental protection

     No bubbles used when used

     Enhanced durability

     Moisture resistance

     Apply to full automatic machine rigid box making machine, semi-automatic case maker and for manual applications

     It provides high tack and speed of bond, flexibility of the film, on-wrap characteristics, good adhesion on difficult substrates, machine clean running, no swelling or waving of paper, zero health risk during operation, as well as biodegradable and highly recyclable.

    Why Choose YASIN Gelatin

    1.TOP 10 Jelly glue enterprises in China

    2.Over 11 years of experience

    3.Wholly owned gelatin production plant provides raw materials, well control the quality & cost

    4.Own exclusive formula to make perfect jelly glue

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    6.Sales to more than 120 countries

    7.ISO 9001 certified & SGS certificated

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    9.Professional technical support online by 7*24 hours

    25kgs/carton, 10pcs/carton, 40cartons/pallet.

    without pallet: 26-27tons

    with pallet:17.7tons 



    1) Application Temperature: between 65℃ and 80℃ t depending on the operating conditions.

    2) Jelly glue is affected by some factors such as temperature, humidity, production environment, and raw materials during use. The above data is for reference only. The specifics are based on the actual production environment and operation process. Please test the samples before use.

    3) Storage: store under ambient condition is dry and ventilated, avoiding direct and hot sunshine. The shelf life is minimum 1 year under recommended conditions.

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