Yasin, The professional Gelatin Manufacturer in China

Welcome to Yasin Gelatin, the leading gelatin supplier and manufacturer in China. With over 30 years of experience and competence, we are glad to offer a wide range of high-quality gelatin products to diverse industries such as pharmaceutical, food, and industrial. Whether you are searching for bovine gelatin, fish gelatin, food-grade gelatin, pharmaceutical-grade gelatin, or industrial gelatin, we have it all. Whether you need gelatin for pharmaceutical, food, or industrial purposes, Yasin Gelatin is your reliable partner. With our extensive range of gelatin products, competitive prices, and outstanding customer service, we are confident in meeting and exceeding your expectations. Contact us today to discuss your gelatin requirements and experience the difference of working with the best gelatin manufacturer in China.    

What Set Us Apart?  

  • 1. Fast Delivery Time: Quickly delivery time, which only needs around 10 days;
  • 2. Larger Capacity: Monthly production capacity up to more than 1000mts;
  • 3. Stable supply of raw material: Good relationship with raw material suppliers to guarantee capacity.
  • 4. Certified Products, Safety Guaranteed: Certified with ISO, HACCP, GMP, Halal, strictly production to guarantee quality

We’re There Every Step Of the Way   
Evaporation: Concentration also called evaporation, whose purpose is to remove the moisture of gelatin through heating.   gelatin- Evaporation
 Gelatin-Extrusion Extrusion: Extrusion refers to making the gelatin liquid into gelatin noodles, then the gelatin noodle could be dried in the gelatin band dryer.  
Dry: Dry gelatin under the dryer machine and crush to 8-15mesh   gelatin-Dry
 gelatin-Packing Packing: Packing gelatin under 8-15mesh to be Semi-products 
Quality Analyzing: Doing quality analyzing for all parameters strictly before bulk packing   gelatin-Quality Analyzing
 gelatin-Loading Loading: Before loading in the container, do palletizing
Shipping: We have a good relationship with logistics, couriers, and freight agents which can guarantee smooth shipment.  gelatin-shipping


        FAQ For Gelatin  
  • Q1: What is the raw material of your Gelatin?
  • We have bovine skin/bone gelatin, fish gelatin, porcine gelatin, etc.
  • Q2: What is MOQ?
  • 500kgs
  • Q3: What is the shelf life?
  • 2 years
  • Q4: What is the available specification under production?
  • Normally the available items are 120 bloom ~ 280 bloom.
  • Q5: How about the particle size for our customers?
  • 8-15 mesh, 20 mesh, 30 mesh, 40 mesh or as requested.
  • Q6: What are the typical applications of gelatin?
  • Gelatin is commonly used in desserts, fudge, and sauces, as well as as a gelling agent. In addition, it is utilized in medicine, cosmetics, and photography.
  • Q7. Can you provide information about the quality and safety of your gelatin products?
  • Companies should have strict quality control procedures, including raw material quality checks, inner lab tests for the finished products, and third-party testing, to ensure the purity and safety of their gelatin products.